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Honda HR-V: Keyless Access System Description - Components

LF (Low Frequency) Antennas

The front interior, rear interior, driver's door, and front passenger's door LF antennas send the signals to the remote inside and outside of the vehicle.

Door Touch Sensors and Outer Handle Lock Switches, Tailgate Outer Handle Switch and Lock Switch

The door touch sensors and door lock buttons are built in the driver's and front passenger's door outer handles.

The tailgate outer handle switch and tailgate lock switch are built into the tailgate. To operate the door and tailgate locks without the built-in key while carrying the remote, grip the door outer handle to unlock the doors and press the lock button on the door outer handle and tailgate to lock the doors and tailgate.


The remote is equipped with a keyless transmitter, and all the doors can be locked and unlocked by a lock/unlock button operation, even from a remote distance from the vehicle. When the lock button or unlock button is pressed, the keyless transmitter sends the applicable switch signal to the keyless access control unit.

After receiving the authentication keyless access control unit, the door lock/unlock signals are sent to MICU through B-CAN.

Security System Keyless Entry System - Testing & Troubleshooting

Electric Steering Lock (With Electric Steering Lock)

The electric steering lock has a built-in the control unit, which controls the steering lock solenoid. When a remote code is identified, the control unit makes the steering lock solenoid release. The keyless access control unit recognizes a steering lock solenoid unlock then it sends a key switch unlock signal to the MICU.

Engine Start/Stop Switch

When pressing the engine start/stop button, it changes the vehicle to OFF, ACCESSORY, or ON mode. The engine start/stop switch also includes an LF antenna. It receives the immobilizer signal from the keyless access control unit.

Keyless Buzzer

The keyless buzzer located behind the rear bumper, sounds when commanded by MICU.


     Keyless Access System Description - Control/Function

    Smart Entry Function The keyless access control unit detects the input signal of the door outer handle touch sensor or the outer handle lock switch, and authenticates 2-way communication with the rem

     Keyless/Power Door Locks/Security System Description - Components

    Door Lock Switch The door lock switch is integrated into one unit to the power window master switch. Door Lock Knob Switch/Door Lock Actuator/Driver's Door Key Cylinder Switch The door lock knob swit

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    Door Lock Control The door lock control function allows the MICU to detect the status of various switch signals and control each actuator in order to lock and unlock doors. Tailgate Control The tail



    Checking the Battery The battery condition is being monitored by the sensor on the negative terminal. If there is a problem with the sensor, the warning message on the information display will let you know. Have your vehicle checked by a dealer. Check the battery terminals for corrosion monthly.

     Coolant Replacement

    Replacement 1. Radiator Cap - Remove Wait until the engine is cool, then carefully remove the radiator cap. 2. Engine Undercover - Remove (With Engine Undercover) 3. Engine Coolant - Drain Loosen the drain plug (A), and drain the coolant After the coolant has drained, tighten the radiator dra

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