Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Maintenance Items Under the Hood

Maintenance Under the Hood

Opening the Hood

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface, and set the parking brake.

2. Pull the hood release handle under the lower left corner of the dashboard.

  • The hood will pop up slightly.

Maintenance Under the Hood

3. Pull up the hood latch lever in the center of the hood to release the lock mechanism, and open the hood.

Maintenance Under the Hood

4. Remove the support rod from the clamp using the grip. Mount the support rod in the hood.

When closing, remove the support rod, and stow it in the clamp, then gently lower the hood. Remove your hand at a height of approximately 12 inches (30 cm) and let the hood close.

Maintenance Under the Hood


Do not open the hood when the wiper arms are raised.

The hood will strike the wipers, and may damage either the hood or the wipers.

When closing the hood, check that the hood is securely latched.

If the hood latch lever moves stiffly, or if you can open the hood without lifting the lever, the latch mechanism should be cleaned and lubricated.


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