Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Symptom Troubleshooting


 AWD System Symptom Troubleshooting - AWD System Indicator Does Not Come ON (AWD)

1. Problem verification. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Does the AWD system indicator come on? YES Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. NO The failure is duplicated. Go to step 2.

 AWD System Symptom Troubleshooting - Abnormal Noise (AWD)

NOTE: If necessary, compare the noise with a known-good vehicle of the same type. If the noise is remarkably abnormal, do the following troubleshooting. 1. Problem verification (abnormal noise check)

 AWD System Symptom Troubleshooting - Will Not Go Into AWD Mode, Poor Traction, Poor Acceleration (AT Start), Poor Climbing Ability (AWD)

1. Rear differential clutch check. Do the rear differential clutch test. Is the test result OK? YES Check the following items. Check the rear differential fluid level and the fluid condition. Ch


 Safety of Larger Children

WARNING Allowing a child age 12 or under to sit in front can result in injury or death if the passenger's front airbag inflates. If a larger child must ride in front, move the vehicle seat as far to the rear as possible, have the child sit up properly and wear the seat belt properly, using a booste

 DTC Troubleshooting U0401-68: PCM Malfunction

NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the how to troubleshoot the electric parking brake system. 1. Problem verification: Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Clear the DTC with the HDS. Turn the vehicle to the OFF (LOCK) mode, then to the ON mode. Check for DTCs with the HDS. Is DTC U0401-68 i

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