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Honda HR-V: Waveforms - Injector Pattern Tutorial

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 Purpose of this Article

NOTE: This is GENERAL information. This article is not intended to be specific to any unique situation or individual vehicle configuration. For model-specific information see appropriate articles whe

 Is a Lab Scope Necessary?

 Introduction, Overview of Noid Light

INTRODUCTION You probably have several tools at your disposal to diagnose injector circuits. But you might have questioned "Is a lab scope necessary to do a thorough job, or will a set of noid lights


 Reverse Shift Lever Clearance Inspection (M/T)

Inspection 1. Reverse Shift Lever Clearance - Inspect Measure the clearance between the reverse shift lever (A) and the reverse shift fork (B) with a feeler gauge (C). If the clearance exceeds the service limit, go to step 2. Standard: 0.40-0.85 mm (0.0157-0.0335 in) Service Limit: 0.85 mm

 Clutch Pedal and Clutch Pedal Position Switch Adjustment (M/T)

Adjustment NOTE: For a clutch interlock operation problem, check clutch pedal position switch A. If there is no clearance between the master cylinder piston and the push rod, the release bearing will be held against the diaphragm spring, which can result in clutch slippage or other clutch

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